About us

Several years ago half a dozen friends whose common bond was their disabled children began to meet regularly at local, child friendly venues. They became a valuable source of support for one another and the children benefited from the regular contact with their friends. The aptly named “Special Friends Club” was born.

Today, the club’s membership has increased sixteen fold and the venues have had to change to accommodate the increased numbers, but the ethos and principles remain the same. We are all there to support each other.

The comments below demonstrate how important the club is to all its members; parents, carers, siblings and the children themselves.

Special Friends are my extended family. The members have seen me through bad times and good. The good times have been mainly ones spent with them. They are invaluable.

Joining Special Friends Club is the best thing I’ve done for my family since my son was diagnosed with autism & ADHD. Before I joined Special Friends Club, I would dread school holidays, now I look forward to seeing my children having a great time doing lots of different activities.

Instead of being filled with a sense of dread we can look forward to the school holidays, knowing that we’ll be meeting up with ‘Special Friends’.
(Parent and Trustee)

The best thing about having an Autistic brother is that you get to go on really good trips with Special Friends.

The Club is for families like ours and there’s nothing more compelling than the difference this Club makes to us and our children.

I look forward to the activities so much in the school holidays, as Special Friends enables my family to do ‘normal’ things together, as I feel relaxed and more comfortable with families with similar problems.

Please find below our complaints policy.

SFC Complaints policy sep 2013